Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Please note, the following image upload requirements: image must be under 5MB and in the format of PNG, GIF or JPG. If you have further difficulties uploading your receipt, please try to clear browser cache and cookies and upload again. If this persists we also recommend trying a different device. Please Contact Us if you require further assistance.

  2. If your receipt is too long to fit into one image, please fold the receipt to show participating products and the header with store name, purchase date, etc. and then take a picture of the receipt and upload the image on the specified site.

  3. Any topical BENADRYL®, Children’s BENADRYL®, Adult BENADRYL®, AVEENO® Sun Brand, NEOSPORIN®, or BAND-AID® Brand products, excluding travel and trial sizes.

  4. You will receive your Reward in the mail at the mailing address you provided within 3-5 weeks from the date your receipt was approved.

  5. Please visit for tips on using your Rewards Card.

  6. Please Contact Us for further assistance. Be sure to mention what promotion you participated in, and any details of what you need assistance with.

    Our Customer Service hours are 8 am - 4:30 pm PST, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). All emails will be responded to within 2-5 business days, in the order they were received.