Offer Details

  1. Buy any 1 Delsym product at any retailer (in the US) between 8/15/23 and 3/31/24. Retain your receipt.
  2. Take a photo of your entire receipt showing the qualifying item(s) starred or for online purchases take a screenshot of your shipping, pickup or delivery confirmation.
  3. Visit, enter your information and submit the image of your full receipt by 3/31/24.
  4. Submissions are reviewed within 2-5 business days. Once your submission has been validated, you will receive an email with a $6 Vudu Promo Code.

No manual reproductions of receipts will be accepted. One reward per receipt submission. Must be a resident of the U.S. Vudu Promo Code ("Code") is good towards the purchase or rental of content (excluding Disc + Digital or Mix & Match transactions) on and via participating Vudu apps (up to $6 total value). You may be required to pay taxes separately. You must have a Vudu account to redeem your Code. Vudu is free to join; you must be 18 years of age or older to open a Vudu account. Credit card may be required for transactions on Code expires on 4/30/24. Limit 2 Codes per household. If lost or stolen, cannot be replaced. No cash value, except as required by law. Not valid with any other offer. Not for resale; void if sold or exchanged. If the cost of purchase or rental is more than maximum value of the Code, then user must pay the difference. Offer valid in U.S. and D.C., excluding U.S. territories and where prohibited by law. Vudu and Fandango Loyalty Solutions, LLC are not a sponsor or co-sponsor of this promotion. The redemption of the Code is subject to Vudu's Terms and Policies at Vudu is a trademark of Fandango Media, LLC.

Offer qualification is determined when receipt image is submitted to validation site. Proof of identity and/or residence reasonably satisfactory to program administrators may be required to verify eligibility. Program administrators have the right to determine offer eligibility in their discretion; all decisions concerning offer eligibility are final. Any effort to circumvent the offer's limits, requirements or other terms (including, but not limited to, providing fictitious information or concealing identity or location) voids submissions and disqualifies person from participating in the offer or future offers.

Participating Products:

DELSYM® Adult Capsule - 8 hr Cough 24/20 ct. 3-63824-21467-2
DELSYM® Adult Liquid - 12 Hour Cough 5 oz. and Nighttime Fast Relief 6 oz. - 3/1 ct. COMBO 3-63824-21368-2
DELSYM® Adult Liquid - Cough Plus Chest Congestion DM Cherry 6/6 oz. 3-63824-21366-8
DELSYM® Adult Liquid - Cough Plus Sore Throat Honey 6/6 oz. 3-63824-81991-4
DELSYM® Adult Liquid - Grape 12/3 oz. (w/ Dosage Cup) 3-63824-17163-0
DELSYM® Adult Liquid - Grape 12/5 oz. 3-63824-17165-4
DELSYM® Adult Liquid - Nighttime Cough 6/6 oz. 3-63824-21367-5
DELSYM® Adult Liquid - Orange 12/3 oz. (w/ Dosage Cup) 3-63824-17563-8
DELSYM® Adult Liquid - Orange 12/5 oz. (w/ Dosage Cup) (Linked 3140116) 3-63824-17565-2
DELSYM® Children's Liquid - Cough Plus Chest Congestion DM Cherry 6/4 oz. 3-63824-21464-1
DELSYM® Children's Liquid - Cough Plus Day Night 6/(2x4) oz. COMBO 3-63824-21822-9
DELSYM® Children's Liquid - Grape 12/3 oz. (w/ Dosage Cup) 3-63824-27263-4
DELSYM® Children's Liquid - Orange 12/3 oz. (w/ Dosage Cup) 3-63824-27663-2
DELSYM® Children\`s Liquid - Grape 12/5 oz. (w/ Dosage Cup) 3-63824-27265-8
DELSYM® Children\`s Liquid - Cough Plus Cold Nighttime Berry 6/4 oz. 3-63824-21264-7
DELSYM® Chest Rub - No Mess Vapor Roll-On 24/1.76 oz. 3-63824-81994-5
DELSYM® Children's Liquid - Orange 12/5 oz. (w/ Dosage Cup) 3-63824-27665-6